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NEW!! Dr. Rob Valik Article. (Click to see video)

NEW!! San Luis Valley, Colorado Epidemic. (Click to see video)

Facing surge in opioid abuse and overdose deaths, Colorado distributes 2,500 doses of Narcan.

How a Colorado health care provider is battling the opioid epidemic with non-pill pain treatments.

Colorado Drug Overdoses Up In Almost Every County And Ahead Of National Average - CPR Interview. (Click to see video)

Report from the Colorado Health Institute. (Click to see video)

PBS Colorado State of Mind interview with Dr. Rob Valuck

Check out our own Karol Kendall being interviewed on Colorado & Company by Denise Plant. She did such a great job at raising awareness and educating the public about prescription drug misuse and abuse. Thank you Colorado & Company for having us on!!

JP's story
by Rise Above Colorado

Coverage of the Take Meds Seriously campaign, JP's story featured (starts at 1:23)
by Channel 8 News in Aurora

Kevin Torres, KUSA 10:15 p.m. MST January 14, 2015

By by Cheryl Preheim May 19, 2014
By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN                       November 19, 2012
By Mike Stobbe, My Way News                  July 2, 2013

Clinton and Kelly Declare War on Prescription Drug Abuse
By Christina Boyle, New York Daily News            May 6, 2013

By PainManagementCME                            September 26, 2012

Deadly Pills, a National Epidemic
By Kristen Mascia, People Magazine        January 19, 2013

Prescription Drug Deaths: Two Stories
By Maxwell Newfield, CNN                       November 19, 2012

Policy Impact: Presciption Painkiller Overdoses
By CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                November 29, 2012

Report: Prescription Drug Deaths Skyrocket
By John Roberts, FoxNews                           November 1, 2011

Colorado Medical Society (CMS) Goals
By Colorado Medical Society

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN                           February 21, 2013

By Brady Dennis, Health & Science                  September 10, 2013